"Nightwing" Netherjade Cosplay photography by Aaron Nanto for Women vs Cosplay

Move over, men: Women vs Cosplay calendar slated for 2017

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"Nightwing" Netherjade Cosplay photography by Aaron Nanto for Women vs Cosplay
“Nightwing” from Netherjade Cosplay (Photography by Aaron Nanto, via Women vs Cosplay)

So, why Women vs Cosplay?

I risked asking the amazing Anabel Martinez, brainparent of Men vs Cosplay, that possibly impertinent question. The way I put it to her, I’ve always seen cosplay as a very “her-riffic” thing anyway, a realm where creative women were exalted in the best of ways (for the most part). Men vs Cosplay, to me, was a special kind of riff on that.

So, Women vs Cosplay would be a … riff on a riff?

Not quite that simple, of course, but the always-busy Martinez was gracious enough to indulge my presumption and talk a little about the crowdfunded 2017 calendar effort, which launched today on Kickstarter.

“I totally get it, and it’s partly why I tried to get a balance of cosplayers that represent more of a variety of the community than what people are used to in more mainstream projects,” she said. “The lady calendar definitely had a different vibe when recruiting — the community is so female-driven at first glance, there is also a lot more complexity than people realize.”

The Nightwing cosplay above by Netherjade (photo by Aaron Nanto) is just a sample of what you’ll see if the 365-day calendar project funds.

Men vs Cosplay started in 2013 as a way for Martinez to highlight what she saw as an under-represented part of the cosplay community. Last year, it shifted from a monthly pin-up to a popular page-a-day format, and there was growing interest to support a lady version in that format.

Women vs Cosplay was born.

“I can’t believe I’m doing another calendar,” she admitted. How does she do it, then? “Lots of long nights and wine.”

And your support! Follow the project’s progress and watch for the full roster of cosplayers by liking Women vs Cosplay on Facebook.

Here and there ...

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