What’s in your Wookiee?

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Star Wars Chewbacca Back Buddy (Starwars.com photo)Textbooks too heavy? Make the Wookiee carry them! The Chewbacca Back Buddy ($39.99 plus S&H) is available in the back-to-school section at Star Wars Shop. They also have Yoda and Darth Vader versions, plus belts and buckles ($19.95-$23.95) and character-themed USB flash drives ($79.95 for 1GB and $119.95 for 2GB).Another fun feature of the official Star Wars Shop is the availability of custom shirts and prints. Here’s how it works: You select an image from the vast Lucasfilm library, then a phrase from the “Star Wars” movies and finally a name or number. I’d show you the shirt I designed as an example, but they don’t allow you to copy their licensed images. So go and try it for yourself!

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