Weekend Reading: ‘Doctor Hobbit?’ Plus: Comic-Con, ‘Sharktopus’ and more …

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Sylvester McCoy in Doctor WhoHere are some of the nerdy news items that caught my eye (ow!) but I didn’t get around to re-blogulating:

This one is huge for me if it’s true, because Sylvester McCoy was the star of Doctor Who when I first discovered the show in the late ’80s. Rumor is, he was on the shortlist for the role of Bilbo in the LOTR trilogy, but lost out to Ian Holm. Now Holm, who is many years his senior, is getting up there, and The Hobbit requires a younger Baggins.

To celebrate, the Tucson-based chain — with stores in Mesa, Phoenix, and Flagstaff — is offering 10% off all Cosby books, DVDs or comedy albums.

Here and there ...

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