Valley gaming convention calls it quits

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Phoenix Con Games, which for the past several years has brought gamers together in Mesa, is no more.

The organizers cited a variety of reasons for the decision to disband the annual event in their e-mail Sunday to past guests, including personal factors and “industry and economic changes.”

The convention this past June 12-15 at the Mesa Convention Center will go down in history as the last outing for the con, which was created in response to what was seen as mismanagement of other local gaming conventions.

The last event offered a smorgasbord of strategy games, card games, miniatures wargaming, RPGs, live-action role playing and LAN gaming, as well as a dealers room and the latest in next-gen consoles. There were always activities for the whole family, such as face painting, open board games and life-size Tic-Tac-Toe matches.

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