ThunderCats are back March 24 — as a Saturday morning cartoon …

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The re-imagined (but not that much) ThunderCats animated series returns to Cartoon Network on March 24 at a new day and time — 9:30 a.m. Eastern/Pacific on Saturday mornings.

As you can tell from these images and clips, more elements of the original 1980s cartoon of the same name work their way into the current version: The robotic teddy bears known as Robear Berbils (also seen last season) give Panthro a hand (or two). In addition, we see the young WilyKit and WilyKat with their “hoverboards,” and the old-school mutants Monkian (now known as Addicus) and Jackelman (now called Kaynar) join the dwindling ranks of Slithe after his lizard henchmen are corrupted by idealistic young Lion-O.

I remember the original ThunderCats as an after-school cartoon, but this new series really captures the feel of the old Saturday morning cartoons nicely. I don’t know what this change means for the outlook of the series, but from these clips, the quality is still prime time.

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