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The next batch of “original” Saturday night movies on Syfy will include a remake of an adaptation of a Stephen King novel, more tales of the Earth turning against its unsuspecting inhabitants and a supernatural twist on the legend of Robin Hood.

In Children of the Corn, starring Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica) and David Anders (Heroes), a couple on the verge of divorce find themselves marooned in a remote Iowa town, where they confront fanatically religious children who kill everyone over 18 so the community can remain pure.

More highlights of the Syfy Saturday Night Original Movie Showcase 2009 fall schedule:


Lightning Strikes — A creature that rides lightning bolts to Earth attacks a small town.
Stars: Kevin Sorbo, Jarrett Crippen
Air Date: Saturday, September 12 @ 9PM ET/PT

Children of the Corn — A couple at the bitter end of their marriage, who’d like to see each other dead, encounter the children of Gatlin, Nebraska … the answer to their prayers.
Stars: Kandyse McClure, David Anders
Air Date: Saturday, September 26 @ 9PM ET/PT


Megafault –– A powerful earthquake triggers a crack in the earth’s crust that threatens to spread across the entire American continent.
Stars: Eriq LaSalle, Brittany Murphy
Air Date: Saturday, October 10 @ 9PM ET/PT

Ghost Town — A busload of college students takes a wrong turn and ends up in a real ghost town – inhabited by deadly ghosts.
Stars: Jessica Rose, Gil Gerard, Billy Drago, Randy Wayne
Air Date: Saturday, October 24 @ 9PM ET/PT


Ice Twisters — A scientific experiment designed to produce rain clouds in the desert goes awry and creates lethal tornadoes made of ice.
Stars: Mark Moses, Camille Sullivan, Kaj Eriksen
Air Date: Saturday, November TBD @ 9PM ET/PT

Beyond Sherwood — The evil Sheriff of Nottingham uses a shape-shifting monster to try and destroy young Robin Hood.
Stars: Robin Dunne, Erica Durance, Julian Sands
Air Date: November TBD @ 9PM ET/PT

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