Syfy adds some magic to Friday nights with ‘Merlin’

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The second season of the U.K. fantasy import Merlin will appear on Syfy’s Friday lineup starting in April, alongside the second half-season of Stargate Universe.

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Colin Morgan as Merlin

NBC aired Merlin’s first season last summer on Sunday nights. To catch new viewers up, Syfy will show the first season’s 13 episodes in a special marathon on Sunday, March 28, just prior to the April 2 season premiere and SGU’s return

Merlin stars Colin Morgan (pictured) as a young wizard who must conceal his abilities from the sorcery-hating King Uther Pendragon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Anthony Stewart Head) while at the same time protecting the life of the king’s son, Prince Arthur (Bradley James).

I thought it was a great series that takes cues from Smallville, which similarly explores the roots of the Superman mythos in ways that bend the rules of a long-established franchise. And there’s a dragon, voiced by John Hurt. This is a great move by Syfy that will help the network rebuild some of the credibility it lost when it changed its name from The Sci Fi Channel last year.

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