Fairy tales fuel Syfy’s Saturday night cinema

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Syfy, famous for showing schlock-tastic direct-to-TV or -DVD fare on Saturday nights with ridiculous names like Mansquito, Frankenfish and KAW, is looking to fairy tales and legends for inspiration in its next batch of B-movies.

nup_134426_0008The cable network formerly known as The Sci Fi Channel announced last week that it will show the BBC’s fantasy drama Merlin on Friday nights in concert with its original series, Stargate Universe. (Merlin, about a young wizard just learning his art in Camelot, aired its first season on NBC last year.)

For the next crop of Saturday night specials under development, Syfy is looking to continue its adaptations of popular fairy tales and legends that served it so well with 2007’s Tin Man and last year’s Alice. According to Pop Culture Zoo, many of the flicks will be sequels or extrapolations of what might have happened after the book closed, such as Red, about a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood who falls in love with a nascent werewolf, and Hansel, in which a grown-up Hansel returns to the scene of his childhood encounter with a hungry witch to find that his sister Gretel has become her disciple. Also in the works 8th Voyage of Sinbad, Black Forest and Aladdin (a working title) — but up first, on Feb. 27, is Beauty and the Beast.

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