State of the ‘Gate’

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The third direct-to-DVD movie based on the defunct Sci Fi series Stargate SG-1 will film this summer for a 2010 release, and it will return to the show’s roots by focusing on original star and executive producer Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver). Claudia Black (Farscape), who joined the cast of SG-1 in its 10th and final season as the roguish Vala Mal Doran, will not be a part of the production. All this according to the well-connected fan site GateWorld (story).

Anderson (above), who played the wry Air Force Colonel-turned-General Jack O’Neill, left SG-1 except for occasional guest appearances after eight seasons.

The show’s finale was followed almost immediately with two DVD features: The Ark of Truth, which resolved the ongoing storyline of invasion by fundamentalist aliens, and Continuum, which explored an alternate timeline.

Meanwhile SG-1’s spinoff Stargate Atlantis is preparing to sign off for good this Friday, having been canceled late last year after soaring costs and multiple cast upheavals. You can expect at least one TV movie to continue the Atlantis storyline. A third series, Stargate Universe, is in pre-production and will star Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty, Trainspotting) when it premieres this summer.

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