Wild speculation: Is Star Wars’ scavenger-Jedi Rey a LEGO baby?

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Rey Skywalker? Or Rey Freemaker?

Bear with me, here. I’m building up to something. Maybe.

Ever since long before Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens came out, speculation has run rampant concerning the parentage of Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey. The movie offered no satisfying answers in this matter — remember, we’re not even to the trilogy midpoint yet, people!

The intense theorizing finally died down a bit as Episode VII’s afterglow faded and Episode VIII filming got underway, but was recently stoked again to the forefront with comments by Episode VII director (and Episode VIII producer) J.J. Abrams that were taken to mean none of Rey’s parents appear in The Force Awakens, although he quickly clarified these remarks by saying her parents were simply not revealed in that movie. (Uh, duh?)

Now comes a cast trailer for the upcoming Disney XD animated LEGO series (yes, that’s a thing now) Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, introducing us to the titular spaceship scavenging family and the actors who provide their voices.

Scavengers. Just like Rey, sort of. But in space!

With The Freemaker Adventures set between Episodes V and VI, it could be that Kordi Freemaker or one of her brothers could go on to have a little girl and abandon her, for some reason, on Jakku — a scavenger’s paradise (or purgatory, in Rey’s case).

Yes, this is wild speculation on my part. But they certainly are highlighting the scavenger thing, as was done with Rey. The new line seems to be that all Star Wars is canon Star Wars now, since Disney bought Lucasfilm and pressed reset on decades of “Expanded Universe” tie-in content. So theoretically, a LEGO-styled animated series has as much weight with the Lucas Story Group as a blockbuster live-action film.


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