Longtime Star Wars podcast suddenly powers down

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Farewell to The ForceCast

At a time when podcasts are seeing a bit of a resurgence, and there’s never been more happening to discuss about the Star Wars universe, one of the oldest intersections of those two things is ending.

The ForceCast, the official podcast of the once-unrivaled unofficial Star Wars news and rumor hub TheForce.net, is shutting down after nearly 10 years in production, it was announced Saturday. This comes after significant drama surrounding recent shakeups behind the mic.


(“SJW’s” refers, of course, to “social justice warriors,” often used as a derogatory term against foes and critics of the “Gamergate” movement, among others. One complaint about recent changes to the ForceCast was that it was dominated by white males — though it seems that there are many more layers to this situation than just that.)

Two other shows in the TFN network, Jedi Journals and the IndyCast, will continue, according to content manager Dustin Roberts’ announcement.

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