Star Trek versus Star Wars: Finn shot first

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John Boyega’s own enthusiasm for all things Star Wars is one of the many reason the Force Awakens star has been so endearing to other fans.

Well, while turncoat First Order stormtrooper Finn may be recuperating in Resistance care, the actor who plays him isn’t resting on his laurels when it comes to cementing his allegiance to the Galaxy Far, Far Away: When asked on Twitter if there was anything he’d want to learn how to say in Klingon (you know, that Star Trek language?), the social media superstar demurred, making it clear there’s only one “Star” for him in the heavens.

Star Trek versus Star Wars for years has been the epitome of sci-fi/fantasy strife, but Boyega isn’t shy about taking sides. After all, it’s a big universe with room for everyone and all the things they like (or not):

As I post this, Boyega’s audacious rhetoric apparently has yet to draw the attention of Twitter’s elder Trek statesman William Shatner, who’s often tangled on Twitter with Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher.

Just as the Star Wars saga is in the hands of a new generation of heroes, so is the eternal struggle of Star Trek versus Star Wars. A new hope arises to take up the fight.

There is another …

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