‘Smallville,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Vampire Diaries’ dated

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The CW announced today that the new series The Vampire Diaries will debut Thursday, Sept. 10, followed by the season premiere of Supernatural.

Based on the best-selling book series from Alloy Entertainment, The Vampire Diaries focuses on the battle between two bloodsucking brothers — one good, one evil — who compete for the love of the same young woman.

Smallville, which had traditionally preceded Supernatural on Thursdays, will now air on Fridays, starting Sept. 25. The adventures of a young Clark Kent and Lois Lane will be followed by reruns of America’s Next Top Model.

Oh, and Melrose Place, the successor to the ’90s primetime soap of the same name, joins 90210 on Tuesdays, starting Sept. 8.

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