Sitcoms on Sci Fi? Thanks, but no thanks

Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Television

Sci Fi Channel logo NBC UniversalOK. I understand the need to alter programming a bit on holiday weekends. But come on, Sci Fi Channel — 22 straight hours of marathon Mork & Mindy? That’s what we get starting Black Friday, and it comes after a very terrestrial Thanksgiving evening with Pierce Brosnan’s 007.

Where are the marauding aliens? The epic disasters? Mutant turkeys, even? A marathon of some godawful Sci Fi Channel Original Movies would be as unwelcome as ever — but it would fit.

But Mork? I say to you: Na-Nu Na-NO!

If this is the best the NBC Universal empire can do, I may have to put into practice my growing notion of dropping cable television altogether and upping my Netflix plan. After all, I can watch The Clone Wars and many other shows online for free. The only real torture would be waiting for Doctor Who to come out on DVD — but we already have to wait months and months after it airs in the U.K. before it comes to the States. What’s a few more?

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