Sci Fi Channel on the verge of rebranding?

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Is the Sci Fi Channel about to rebrand itself in an attempt to reach a broader audience?

According to TV Week, via ICv2:

SciFi Channel will change its name to Syfy Channel on July 7th, when it launches the new series Warehouse 13, according to TV Week. The network believes that the new name more accurately reflects content on the channel, which is broader than traditional science fiction. Warehouse 13, about a secret government facility where mysterious relics are stored, exemplifies this broader content.

The new name may make it easier to attract audiences not traditionally attracted to science fiction, particularly female viewers.

That last bit makes no sense to me, but then I’m not an expert in branding, am I? The Sci Fi Channel is part of the NBC Universal empire. I’ll bring you official news from them if this turns out to be true.

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