Revenge of the nerds: Syfy lets fans produce telefilm

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Television

Ever watch one of Syfy’s Saturday night “original movies” and thought that you could do better?

Now’s the time to put your talent where your mouth is.

Earlier this year, the network formerly known as The Sci Fi Channel held a contest to name one of their godawful ripoffs. Now the stakes are higher: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy is setting up a production site called B Movie Mogul in partnership with IGN where fans can pitch and vote on ideas for every aspect of the film, from plot points to design to marketing. It begins with voting on three basic concepts: apocalypse, Bermuda triangle or Roswell.

Get busy, science fiction fans. This is a chance for a true revenge of the nerds!

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Jayson Peters
Digital, social and print media pro. Nerdvana's founder, curator and editor.