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The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine — good luck finding a copy in the States — reports that the upcoming Doctor Who specials will be shot in high-definition, which would be a first for the long-running British sci-fi series. The issue also has the first magazine interview anywhere with the recently cast Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and promises a larger role for the robotic dog K9 in the upcoming third season of the spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures.

You can get more details at The Doctor Who News Page.

The series is technically on an extended hiatus that allowed star David Tennant to do more stage work recently, but there will be four specials in addition to the annual Christmas special. The next adventure will be at Easter. Tennant recently announced he would be leaving the series; his replacement as the immortal, face-changing Time Lord is Matt Smith, a 26-year-old actor who will take over when the series returns to a regular full season in early 2010.

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