‘Red Dwarf’ returns to TV — and to Earth!

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BBC Press OfficeMore than two decades after its launch, the British sci-fi cult classic comedy Red Dwarf is returning to television with a new adventure.

According to the BBC, the two-part special, titled Red Dwarf: Return to Earth, will somehow see the ill-fated crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf returning to Earth. Obviously.

The series followed the exploits of the last human being in the universe, a slob named Lister (Craig Charles, pictured) who roamed space in the large and largely empty ship.

Lister’s only companions on his pointless, never-ending voyage were the super-cool Cat (who evolved from the ship’s feline), the android Kryten and the annoying hologram Rimmer. All return for the Easter special, which was written and directed by series co-creator Doug Naylor.

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