On ‘V,’ the weather is out of this world

Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Television


Is ABC 15 chief meteorologist Bill Bellis an alien? What else could explain his recent appearance on the polished bottom surface of the Visitor mothership, peering down at the huddled masses a la V star Morena Baccarin?

While watching the second episode of ABC’s alien invasion drama on Tuesday, I had to laugh out loud at a clever weather promo featuring Bellis (pictured, right) addressing viewers from the celestial PA system Visitor high commander Anna (Baccarin, left) uses to greet the unsuspecting people of Earth.

Jim Hart, ABC 15’s director of creative services and local programming, told me the idea for the unusually immersive promo was generated locally. “We have the very good fortune of having a group of creatives that can turn an idea into reality and at the same time just have a little fun for our viewers,” he said via e-mail.

You can watch the whole reality-shattering ad spot after the jump – and you can watch full episodes of V at abc.go.com.

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