Netflix reorganizes classic Doctor Who library under one series listing (FINALLY)

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Some good news for Doctor Who fans with Netflix streaming subscriptions: The online video service has finally begun listing all its available episodes of the classic British sci-fi series under one convenient series entry.

The serials are still broken up into multiple installments, starting with part one of “The Aztecs” and ending with part four of “The Curse of Fenric,” which is a little unwieldy but preserves the format in which they originally aired. But now you don’t have to hunt for the serials by their individual titles among the entire Netflix catalog.

The recent update didn’t include any new content — it’s all been up there for quite a while and represents just a fraction of the show’s nearly three decades. Most of the episodes are from Tom Baker’s legendary time in the title role, but William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy also are represented — everyone but Colin Baker and Paul McGann.

The modern version of the series, which started up again in 2005, is however available for streaming on Netflix in its entirety except for the most recent seventh season, which is still in production. It is labeled simply “Doctor Who,” whereas the original series is labeled “Classic Doctor Who.”

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