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Earlier this week I announced I am leaving the East Valley Tribune to take another job out of state, and while I intend to continue supporting this blog I created, I appealed to the Arizona geek community to help keep Nerdvana going strong by signing on as contributors.

The response already has been positive and encouraging.

On the same day as my call for submissions was published I received several inquiries, and I’m still working with individuals who reached out to make arrangements for their Nerdvana assimilation. And I can tell you there are some exciting plans now in the works! Stay tuned.

On the off chance that you reached out and haven’t heard from us yet — don’t worry, you will.

Stephen CarpenterAnd today I am excited to share with you that Stephen Carpenter, event coordinator for Gamer’s Inn in Mesa, has already chimed in with a post about the world of deck-building card games. Stephen’s a great friend of the blog who has a prime perch overlooking much of the Arizona gaming community, and I’m sure he’ll have some great insights to share on trends in the RPG, board game and card game industry as well as the local con scene. (Just ask him about Pathfinder vs. D&D some time.) And, he’s got some interesting RPG work of his own to talk about.

Remember, if you want to join the team, just drop us a line and tell us a little bit about yourself.

And finally, thanks again to Jonathan Simon over at Lightning Octopus for his kind words and ongoing friendship and support. (Check out his blog’s rockin’ new visual identity. Jealous!)

I leave you in good, geeky hands.

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