Nerdvana Eeeekly! Oct. 25-31, 2009

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Not bad for a vacation week …

Weekend Reading

A handful of links that didn’t get their own posts.

ps-3Netflix streaming announced for PlayStation 3

No longer Xbox-exclusive … with a catch.

Join the glorious Klingon Empire — or else


A Very Browncoat Halloween

Firefly flashback in Nathan Fillion’s new series, Castle.

Is this how the zombie apocalypse begins?

Ground zero: Mexican restaurant in Idaho.

‘Resident Evil Zero’ rises again Dec. 1

GameCube title updated for Wii controls.

dsiNintendo DSi forced to grow up quickly

Bigger screen coming for older folks.

A scary good TF2 deal!

Were you quick enough?

‘Avatar’ trailer rammed down sports spectators’ throats

James Cameron’s magnum opus teased in Sunday football.

Next ‘Doctor Who’ special arrives in time for Christmas

‘Waters of Mars’ to air in U.S. on Dec. 19.

Who’s definitely not coming back for ‘The Hobbit’

John Rhys-Davies just can’t face it.

Here and there ...

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