My not-so-grown-up Christmas list

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  1. Star Wars: Episodes VII-IX — written, directed and animated by the current production crew of The Clone Wars.
  2. East Valley Tribune Nerdvana Gifts for the Geeky holiday wish list recommendationsEvidence to validate my theory of a shared lineage between Smurfs and Snorks, or at least confirmation that Casper the Friendly Ghost is in fact the restless spirit of Richie Rich. The truth is out there!
  3. Simultaneous broadcast of Doctor Who in the U.S. and U.K. I want to watch the Christmas specials on a Christmas that’s not in July.
  4. A bailout. Why not? Everyone else is getting one.
  5. Peace on Earth. Actually, across the universe — but not on Krypton, because then there would be no Superman. And a world without Superman is no world I want any part of.

Merry Christmas! And Zod bless us, every one!

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