More Than Meets…Darth Vader!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

vader/death star transformer

This is one of the coolest toys I’ve seen in a while. Combining Star Wars and Transformers is like mashing together two of my best childhood toy memories into one piece of glorious plastic. Hasbro has sold toys like this before, but this one is new and looks way better than the rest. You might think $49.99 is a bit much to spend on this beauty, but that was before I told you that it comes with “two awesome battle modes with electronic lights-and-sounds excitement!” Yes! It also comes with a Darth Vader pilot mini figure, two TIE fighter mini vehicles and three stormtrooper mini figures. This is a must buy for fans and collectors, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t contain lead paint or magnets you could inhale or swallow.

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