More lost ‘Doctor Who’ stories to be staged for audio

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08Big Finish Productions, masters of modern audio drama who kept Doctor Who alive with the original cast during the show’s long absence from the screen, are delving deeper into the show’s forgotten past. After already resurrecting scripts that were never made during Colin Baker’s time in the TARDIS, the company has announced it will record the stories that were set aside when the series was canceled in 1989 and Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor (pictured with Sophie Aldred as Ace).

The project came together quickly during a recent fan convention via text message, Facebook and hurried meeting.

Going one step further, Big Finish will also produce two boxed sets of productions using scripts unearthed from the show’s earliest era, when William Hartnell and then Patrick Troughton held the title role. Those two actors passed away long ago, so they will be produced in a form that resembles more of a narrated audiobook than a full-cast production.

Many stories in the original series (1963-89) were proposed but never made due to strike or unplanned hiatus. Some even began filming before they were halted by these circumstances; others were written but never made it to film. Many were made but were simply discarded by executives who didn’t forsee personal video.

Colin Baker’s time as the Time Lord was particularly turbulent, and the show went on an extended hiatus in 1984 before returning with the epic “Trial of a Time Lord” season. Billed as “Doctor Who: The Lost Stories,” the new audio dramas have just launched with “The Nightmare Fair,” starring Baker and Nicola Bryant as his American companion Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown.

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