‘Merlin’ materializes Sunday on NBC

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NBC picks up a hit BBC drama series when it debuts Merlin on Sunday. The series, which has earned a second season in the U.K., has been compared to Smallville for the way it took an established mythology and turned it on its head.

In the series premiere, the character of Merlin is a far cry from the wizard of legend:

With a letter from his mother revealing his innate ability to practice magic, Merlin (Colin Morgan) arrives in the city of Camelot to find Gaius (Richard Wilson), the Court Physician. Gaius takes Merlin under his wing to keep him out of trouble. Eager to discover his new surroundings, Merlin sets out to see the sites of Camelot and meets Arthur (Bradley James), a young bully who challenges him to a duel. After being thrown in jail for standing up to Arthur, Merlin attracts the attention of others in Camelot, including Gwen (Angel Coulby), Morgana’s (Katie McGrath) young maid, and most importantly King Uther Pendragon (Anthony Head, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who will forever change the course of Merlin’s destiny.

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