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River Song's TARDIS journal

Diaries have always been important in Doctor Who, from the Time Lord’s own 500- and 900-year diaries in the classic series to the “Journal of Impossible Things” kept by the Doctor when he was forced to renounce his memories and become human to hide from an alien threat in the current revival.

Then there’s the diary of space archaeologist River Song, an enigmatic woman who knows the Doctor quite well in his personal future and hints that they may be more than friends. She has a sonic screwdriver very like the Doctor’s unique tool, and a journal designed to look like his TARDIS that she refuses to let him read lest he see “spoilers” of his own life.

Now Song, last seen in the Series Four two-parter “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead” by current showrunner Steven Moffat and played by E.R. alum Alex Kingston, has stormed back into the Doctor’s life for his showdown with the Weeping Angels in “The Time of Angels,” tonight on BBC America. And the BBC have thoughtfully created a downloadable PDF you can use to turn one of your own books into a TARDIS journal.

Just don’t let the Doctor read it, if you ever run into him.

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