‘Lost’ – That ’70s Show?

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The producer of Baretta and Babes in Toyland has filed a lawsuit claiming that ABC and Touchstone Television took a pilot he wrote in 1977 and turned it into their current primetime hit, Lost.

According to TMZ, Anthony Spinner claims he was paid $30,000 more than 32 years ago to write a 121-page pilot script that he called Lost. The report also says Spinner tried to sue in 2005 but the case was dismissed for “procedural reasons.”

Similarities alleged between Spinner’s concept and the warped reality of Lost include flashback storytelling, a group of island dwellers called “the primitives” (compare to the ABC show’s “Others”) and a sabertooth tiger, which, like the polar bear of Lost, is woefully out of place on The Island.

Source: TMZ, via Airlock Alpha

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