LEGOs and lightsabers and whips – oh, my

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The Star Wars trilogies are full of fantastic ideas – lightsabers, cyborgs, droids, hyperspace and more. A few months back the History Channel came out with a one-hour special called Star Wars Tech that explored many of these concepts from a realistic perspective – and it’s now available on DVD.

Was it great? No – don’t be too proud of this technological terror. Many would say it’s better than some of the prequels (and I wouldn’t go that far), but it was fun and digestible. And the DVD cover looks nice.

Now here’s something a little more hands-on: A Star Wars-themed LEGO set that is billed as “The first LEGO product from the upcoming Clone Wars TV series!” Shipping soon, the LEGO Anakin’s Starfighter (Clone Wars Preview) costs $19.99 at and contains 153 pieces – including minifigs of R2-D2 and a new Anakin Skywalker from the CG animated series.

It’s not too different than other toy versions of the Jedi starfighters that have been released in recent years, but it’s sure to be a collectors item!

Speaking of LEGOs, the excitement is building (get it?) for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It’s not coming out until May, but several LEGO sets are available now or soon: Temple Escape, Race for the Stolen Treasure (above), Lost Tomb and Motorcycle Chase, ranging in price from $11.99 to $59.99. They aren’t sneak peeks of the new movie, but rather re-creations of scenes from the classic Indy films. But one thing is for sure – merchandising is alive and well in this long-dormant franchise!

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