Laser firm fires back after Lucasfilm cries foul over product’s ‘lightsaber’ look

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A company that is selling a personal laser device that looks an awful lot like a Star Wars lightsaber and marketing it as “the most dangerous laser ever created”  is taking issue with a cease-and-desist order from Lucasfilm.

Wicked Laser says they never intentionally linked the product to lightsabers and Star Wars, blaming the media for the association.

The Spyder III Pro Arctic is a home projector component that costs $200 and has a blue 1-watt laser that can cause “immediate and irreversable retinal damage” and burn skin. The product even comes with safety glasses.

But Wicked must think the world is already blind if they think we can be persuaded that the device wasn’t designed to appeal to the Star Wars fan in all of us., via TheForce.Net

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