TV tonight: Elves and goblins and wizards: Oh my, SCI FI …

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The SCI FI Channel on Sunday will premiere a two-part fantasy adventure starring JAG’s David James Elliott, Elektra’s Natassia Malthe and Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd set against the backdrop of knights, sorcerers and dragons where heroes battle the forces of darkness.

The second half will air Monday.

Mirabilis is a world dependent upon the rare metal called “bloodsteel,” a precious element that is the source of all magical power — and now the bloodsteel is running out.

The forces of evil, led by the ruthless and powerful Dragon Eye, are descending on Mirabilis to take control of the remaining bloodsteel. Acting on an ancient prophecy, the elf wizard Tesselink (Lloyd) recruits four “ordinary people” to save Mirabilis: human vigilante John Serragoth (Elliott); elf bounty hunter Perfidia (Malthe); Ber-lak (Dru Viergever), a goblin with extrasensory powers; and young conman Adric (Christopher Jacot).

Well, ordinary for a fantasy world full of elves and goblins, anyway.

They become the Knights of Bloodsteel yadda yadda yadda, and undertake a quest for the mythical Crucible, reputed to be the source of all bloodsteel. Dragon Eye and his army are also looking for the Crucible, as whoever finds it first will have unlimited power. (dun Dun DUN!)

This sounds like a truly horrid D&D adventure turned into standard SCI FI Channel Original Movie fare. In the photo above, Elliott looks like he can’t believe he’s doing this — or, worse, couldn’t care less. Adric (not pictured) is named after an early ’80s Doctor Who character. But at least Christopher Lloyd is always entertaining.

Pictured: (l-r) Natassia Malthe as Perfidia, David James Elliott as John Serragoth — SCI FI Channel photo

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