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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  1. Indie monster movie shot in Mesa to debut Friday in Tempe
  2. Princess Leia arrested on a diplomatic mission to…New York?
  3. Hate group to protest San Diego Comic-Con
  4. The T-shirt that puts a whole new spin on ‘Tetris’
  5. Riddle Me This: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be Riddler in ‘Batman 3′?
  6. Joker won’t be recast, but Hulk will
  7. Olivia Munn reports on Arizona’s other ‘race’ problem
  8. One sure way to get rid of a Sith Lord
  9. Is Matt Smith already on his way out as the Doctor?
  10. Laser firm fires back after Lucasfilm cries foul over product’s ‘lightsaber’ look

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