Han Solo -Taking Flight for his Friends

See Star Wars’ iconic Death Star battle from Han Solo’s point of view

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The Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures shorts have been a fun new take on the classic trilogy, taking the original audio and using it to present familiar scenes from a fresh perspective — all geared toward engaging a new generation in the classic stories. (As if that were a problem — but it’s still been fun.)

Now the series tackles the Battle of Yavin, the grand climax of Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope, when Han Solo — having taken his money and run off, as promised — has second thoughts about abandoning the Rebels to their “suicide” mission to destroy the Empire’s dreaded Death Star superweapon. Before, we saw Han swooping in at the last minute — literally — to save Luke Skywalker’s bacon, sending Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter spinning away and clearing the deck for Luke’s fateful shot.

Now, we see a conflicted Han embrace his inner Rebel and fight his way all the way back to Luke’s X-Wing — giving us a truly spectacular animated vista of a Death Star trench ablaze with the fires a Rebellion lighting the fuse that will spell the end of the Emperor’s evil regime.

We always knew there was more to him than money.

Here and there ...

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