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Have you noticed all the strange happenings surrounding graveyards recently?

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

First, you’ve got the one in Illinois where workers are accused of digging up bodies so they can resell the plot. And there was some question about whether Michelle Obama’s father is or isn’t buried there. (The White House now insists he isn’t and never was.)

This was followed by a case of vandals toppling tombstones at an historic South Carolina graveyard. Now comes word of a 51-year-old man caught in the buff in an Indiana cemetery.

It’s a little troublesome when the dead start piling up in the bushes to make room for new arrivals, and it’s certainly unsettling, I’m sure, to see headstones kicked over and flashers strutting about.

Maybe it’s nothing to worry about — just Michael Jackson bringing the freak show with him to the afterlife.

Then again …

Here and there ...

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