Geek or Nerd — is there a difference?

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I found this today at Wired’s GeekDad blog, and thought it was worth Reblogging:

Here are a few interesting facts about the term nerd:

1. It was first used in a Doctor Seuss book. 2. It is rumored to have roots in the word drunk spelled backwards as knurd meaning someone who studied rather than partied. 3. Stereotypically it is someone who is awkward. 4. It is a type of candy produced by Wonka 5. Slashdot references nerds in it’s tagline: “news for nerds, stuff that matters.

The word geek, on the other hand, also has its own interesting facts about it:

1. Geeks are obsessives who get into things and focus on them. 2. Sometimes defined by being outside of the mainstream. 3. The definition has roots in carnival and circus culture.

You should read the whole article: GeekDad or NerdDad – “Is There a Difference?” Asks Bre Pettis, Feb 2009

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