Geek in Review: Jan. 5-10, 2009

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Every weekend Nerdvana brings you the Geek in Review, a look back at what we’ve covered (or should have covered) in the previous week. Without further ado:

BrickArms brings modern warfare to LEGO world

– ‘Jericho’ lives again — on YouTube (link)

– Capcom front-loads ‘09 with a half-dozen games (link)

– Meet the first Wii downloads of 2009! (link)

– Roy Orbison songs now available for ‘Rock Band’ (link)

‘First Lady of Star Trek’ mourned in L.A.

See also: Slideshow

– Sci Fi Wire undergoes transformation (link)

– ‘Dr. Horrible’ star seizes control of airwaves for ‘SNL’ (link)

– State of the ‘Gate’: ‘SG-1’ DVD feature, ‘Atlantis’ finale (link)

– ‘Star Trek Online’ timeline describes the next, next generation (link)

See also: Cryptic Studios releases 2 new screens from ‘Star Trek Online’ (link)

– 2008 was the year of the Xbox 360 — or so says Microsoft (link)

Hearst Corp. to acquire 1UP Network, shut down Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine

See also: Eulogy for EGM

– ‘MySims Party,’ ‘MySims Racing’ coming to Wii, DS (link)

Not a doctor? You can play one on your Wii in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

– ‘Street Fighter IV’: Accessories and assets … (updated with pics)

– ‘X-Men’ return to animation on Nickelodeon Jan. 23 (link)

Phoenix Comicon adds guests with 2 weeks to go

– 2K Games’ economic stimulus package: $10 off, over and over … (link)

– Bargain: Graphic novels on sale through Jan. 11 at Borders (link)

– EA Sports gets its own little corner of PlayStation Home (link)

– First downloadable goodies for ‘Fable 2′ arrive (link)

– ‘Ghostbusters’ game dated (link)

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