Geek in Review: Nerdvana jumps right into 2009!

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There’s a new Doctor in the house! David Tennant’s replacement on Doctor Who was named Saturday, and the choice was a bit of a shocker for fans. Meet 26-year-old Matt Smith, the youngest actor yet to play the Time Lord in the 45-year history of the program. (more)

Keep reading for a look back at more Nerdvana entries straddling the end of 2008 and the dawn of 2009:

And if that’s not enough, here a roundup of more geeky news from around the Interwebz:

  • Battlestar GalacticaDo you want to know how Battlestar Galactica might end? Potential spoilers, obviously. Click here. (SyFy Portal)
  • What might have been in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Some character renderings for Star Wars Battlefront 3 have hit the Web, courtesy of a reported laid-off employee of developer Free Radical Design. (1UP, German site)
  • The TerminatorThe Terminator among films enshrined in National Film Registry (press release)
  • Not cool: 2008 was the first Zelda game-free year in a decade. (Kotaku)
  • Bream me up, Barbie: A first look at toys related to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (
  • Star Trek USS AventineA preview of Star Trek novels for 2009 and 2010 — includes a concept sketch of a sexy new Federation starship, the experimental USS Aventine commanded by Capt. Ezri Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which will be realized in the annual “Ships of the Line” calendar for 2010 (
  • ‘Shadow,’ sci-fi illustrator Edward D. Cartier dies at 94 (story)

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