Geek in Review 2/8/08

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • WoW! The ubiquitous MMORPG is getting physical. Upper Deck (take that, jocks!) will produce a miniatures game based on World of Warcraft. It’s due out in the fall.
  • There are rumors that the new animated series Clone Wars will premiere in UK theaters before its small-screen debut. George Lucas has betrayed America for the last time!
  • After just one season as a regular cast member on Stargate Atlantis, Amanda Tapping is leaving the show to focus on a series called Sanctuary that she has sold to the Sci-Fi Channel. She’ll be replaced as commander of the Atlantis base by Robert Picardo, who played the annoying Coach Cutlip on The Wonder Years and the equally annoying holographic doctor on Star Trek: Voyager.

Looking into the crystal ball:

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