Tom Baker back as Doctor Who with Louise Jameson and Nerys Hughes

The Fourth Doctor will return for 2 more audio series with Leela – and a new Big Finish companion

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Tom Baker will continue to reprise his iconic role of the Doctor in a further two audio drama series made by Big Finish Productions in association with BBC Studios. 

Tom Baker returned as the Fourth Doctor on audio in January 2012, and he’s continuing to travel the cosmos for another two series – at least! Series 11 and 12 of Doctor Who – The Fourth Doctor Adventures” will be released in January and February of 2022 and 2023. During these two series he’ll be joined by new friends, facing many villains familiar to Doctor Who fans.  

Series 11 – Volume 1 will be released in January 2022 and Volume 2 in February 2022: 

  • “Blood of the Time Lords” by Timothy X Atack 
  • “The Ravencliff Witch” by David Llewellyn 
  • “Dreams of Avarice” by Guy Adams 
  • “Shellshock” by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris 

Series 12 – Volume 1 will be released in January 2023 and Volume 2 in February 2023: 

  • “Ice Heist!” by Guy Adams 
  • “Antillia The Lost” by Phil Mulryne 
  • “The Wizard of Time” by Roy Gill 
  • “The Friendly Invasion” by Chris Chapman 
  • “Stone Cold” by Roland Moore 

David Richardson, producer of “The Fourth Doctor Adventures,” said: “For Series 11 we’re into new territory with four stories set between TV episodes ‘The Deadly Assassin’ and ‘The Face of Evil,’ when the Doctor is travelling solo. I was tempted to say that he is without friends but the Doctor is always drawn to people and will find someone to fill the ‘friend’ role in any adventure.  

“I had in the back of my mind, when we were making Series 11, that these could almost be audition pieces for possible future companions, and had there been room there are many guest stars in these tales that could have taken the role. But ultimately it was Nerys Hughes as Margaret in ‘The Ravencliff Witch’ who took the prize – and she returns in Series 12, reintroduced later in the Doctor’s life, to travel alongside him and Leela. 

“Margaret is a lovely character. She’s a sculptor  and someone who perhaps has regrets about life and wants to make up for them, and in the Doctor she finds a new lease of life. She’s also a wonderful contrast to Leela – they are two characters who could not be more different, and yet they forge a close friendship.” 

In Series 11, the Fourth Doctor will also be reunited with a mentor of the Doctor’s from Gallifrey – kleptomaniac evil Time Lord the Nine (played by John Heffernan), as well as meeting a whole host of characters from throughout the universe.  

And in Series 12, the Fourth Doctor, Leela and new companion Margaret will face the Weeping Angels (from the more recent TV series of Doctor Who) in the thrilling adventure ‘Stone Cold’ by Roland Moore, and then the Ice Warriors in ‘Ice Heist.’ 

Each volume is available as a four-disc CD box set, as a pre-order bundle on CD or download. Each story is also individually available for pre-order download.  

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