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Fans of Stargate SG-1 may have been left hanging after that series’ recent grand finale. But a pair of direct-to-DVD movies in 2008 will help them find some closure. Stargate: The Ark of Truth picks up where the TV series’ story left off, with the complete cast, and promises to finish the war with the fundamentalist Ori once and for all. Look for it on shelves in March. I’ve embedded a video of the film’s first trailer.

A second direct-to-DVD feature due out in the summer, Continuum, will move on after the war and shake up the Stargate timeline.

Stargate began as a blockbuster movie in 1994 starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. It had an unlikely pairing of a troubled Air Force colonel and a nerdy “renegade Egyptologist” – those two words together still make my eyes roll a little – as a team exploring the galaxy through wormholes that connect distant planets that were conquered by aliens when the pyramids were new.

The movie launched a Showtime series called SG-1 that migrated to The Sci-Fi Channel, where it lives on today in the form of a spinoff series, Stargate Atlantis.

That’s a lot of Stargate! And there’s even talk of another TV series down the road.

The Ark of Truth preview above is kind of raw – in fact, I think it recycles footage from the TV show in a few places, but the budget is supposed to be massive so hopefully they’re just placeholders.

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