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Boba Fett roleplay helmetHasbro is honoring the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back with many of its Star Wars toy releases this year, and making good on a promise Kenner made before the movie even came out to deliver a Boba Fett action figure with a backpack missile that actually launches.

In its Toy Fair presentation, Hasbro called the 1980 figure its “holy grail.” What happened way Back in the Day was that some kid choked on a Battlestar Galactica toy, so Kenner replaced the firing missile with one that was literally glued into place, making it just for show.

Hasbro, which inherited Kenner’s toy lines, eventually released a Boba Fett figure with a firing rocket, but the newly announced toy is the first actualy re-creation of the original toy. There will also be other vinage figures released in throwback packaging — and, in fact, you’ll have to collect five of them to send away for the Boba Fett. Or just wait for it to show up on eBay.

There’s also a slick-looking $35 Boba Fett helmet with electronic sounds and phrases and a light-up tracking scope.

What’s interesting about the product listing for the helmet on The Official Star Wars Blog is this line:

Impressively designed and styled, the Star Wars BOBA FETT HELMET allows children to pretend to be their favorite bounty hunter as featured in both the movie The Empire Strikes Back and the new animated series The Clone Wars.

Deluxe AT-ATIs a teenage Boba going to show up on Clone Wars? Or is this just a botched reference to the recent appearance of the similarly-clad Mandalorian supercommandoes on that CGI animated series?

While that’s really cool, the really big news out of Toy Fair was the announcement of a super-sized AT-AT vehicle that debuted in Empire. Measuring 24 inches tall, 28 inches long and 12 inches wide, and costing $100, the highly detailed Imperial walker includes a driver figure and, as a bonus, a pop-out speeder bike. The best part? It holds up to 20 action figures — perfect for crushing Rebel outposts across the galaxy.

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