‘Dollhouse’ adds another star from the Whedon-verse

Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Television

summer-glauJoss Whedon’s sci-fi drama “Dollhouse” is getting a new cast member. Summer Glau will be joining the show in its second season beginning Sept. 25th on Fox. Fans of Whedon’s work will be familiar with Glau from her role as River Tam on the futuristic western “Firefly” and its feature film follow-up “Serenity. She also played the “good” terminator, Cameron, on the cruelly cancelled “Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

With Whedon and Glau’s combined histories of cancelled television shows, I worry about the future prospects of the already shaky foundation of “Dollhouse.” In the past, Whedon has shown he can do great things when given a chance to work, let’s hope this season proves it again.

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