For ‘Doctor Who’ fans, ‘The End of Time’ is near

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Last weekend, subscribers of BBC America finally got to taste “The Waters of Mars,” the latest of the Doctor Who specials leading up to the Doctor’s inevitable regeneration and the end of David Tennant’s time in the role.

This Saturday, they’ll get to see the next installment, “The End of Time, Part One” — just one day after its debut in the U.K. Then, one week later on Jan. 2, we’ll get to see the grand finale, appropriately titled “The End of Time, Part Two” — likewise just one day after its British premiere.

“Tennant’s remaining two specials, ‘The End of Time Part 1 and Part 2,’ are the most anticipated episodes in the history of the series, which is why we’re airing them just a day after their U.K. premiere,” BBC America senior VP of programming Richard De Croce said in a statement quoted on Airlock Alpha news.

With the exclusivity of being the U.S. premiere, “Waters of Mars” gave the premium cable channel it’s best performance ever, according to the Airlock Alpha report. Let’s hope this strong showing persuades network executives to keep the cross-Atlantic delay as short as possible when Doctor Who’s fifth season starts next year with new star Matt Smith in the title role.

Update: BBC America will be showing nothing but Doctor Who for the first 46 hours of 2010, according to The Doctor Who News Page.

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