‘Doctor Who’ season 5 trailer: The end is just the beginning

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And with that, Matt Smith is now the Doctor. The 27-year-old actor replaces David Tennant, whose stint on Doctor Who has ended after nearly five years in one of science fiction’s most revolving — and coveted — roles.

The season finale, “The End of Time, Part II,” saw Tennant’s Doctor — the 10th incarnation — succumb to injuries sustained while saving Earth, and the whole universe, from the biggest cosmic catastrophe yet. Being a Time Lord, he doesn’t truly die, but regenerates into a new form with its own quirks … but not before visiting many of his most recent companions, and breaking several of the laws of time in the process.

Well, tough.

Above, you can watch the BBC trailer for Doctor Who’s upcoming fifth season. The show is changing faces behind the scenes as well, with former acclaimed episode writer Steven Moffat replacing longtime showrunner Russell T. Davis, who brought the show back to us out of cult obscurity in 2005 after more than 15 years off the air.

Here and there ...

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