Doctor Who season premiere dated

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Asylum of the DaleksIt’s about time!

The season premiere of Doctor Who was screened today at the British Film Institute in London, and we now know from those in attendance that viewers in America and the UK will get to see it together on Sept. 1. That’s when BBC One across the pond and BBC America here will air “Asylum of the Daleks.” (Thanks to Pop Culture Zoo for the tip-off.)

But it won’t have the same old title sequence — SFX magazine reports that those famous opening credits will again be revamped. Mentioned specifically: “revamped logo, no more swooshy cast credits, new typography.” Blogtor Who took this a step further, reporting that the title sequence will chance each week to match the theme of the episode!

This, along with the news that Matt Smith will play the Time Lord through 2014 and Richard E. Grant will be a part of the Christmas special later this year, is a welcome sign that the Whoniverse is finally up and running again!

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