‘Doctor Who’ isn’t done with Martha Jones just yet

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Martha Jones, Doctor Who, BBCFreema Agyeman, who starred as time-traveling heroine Dr. Martha Jones in series three of Doctor Who and made several guest appearances in series four and the spinoff Torchwood, will make at least one more trip in the TARDIS before series star David Tennant’s planned departure in 2010.

According to The Sun, Agyeman — whose name I continue to be unable to pronounce — was reportedly offered a full-time gig on Torchwood, the grittier, sexier cousin of the long-running British sci-fi program, but turned it down to instead headline the upcoming Law & Order: London with Battlestar Galactica star Jamie Bamber. Any rift this may have caused with current producer Russell T. Davies appears therefore to have healed with the character’s welcome return.

Tennant, who took over the role of the Doctor from Christopher Eccleston after series one, recently announced he would be leaving the series. His replacement as the immortal, face-changing Time Lord is Matt Smith, a 26-year-old actor better known for stage work than television.

The Sun also says that Noel Clarke, who played occasional companion Mickey Smith, has been offered a return visit to Doctor Who. Perhaps Davies is looking for a last hurrah with the characters created on his watch before he, too, leaves the program, turning over the reins to Steven Moffat.

The series is technically on an extended hiatus that allowed Tennant to do more stage work, but there will be four specials in addition to the annual Christmas special. The next adventure will be at Easter.

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