‘Doctor Who’ in U.S. jumps from Sci Fi to BBC America

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According to Variety, BBC America will be the U.S. home of the final episodes of Doctor Who to star current leading man David Tennant — not Sci Fi Channel, which has aired the previous four seasons of the program.

doctor who“The Next Doctor,” the series’ Christmas special, will air at 9 p.m. June 27, and the next spec (“Planet of the Dead”) is set for July. Dates and times for the final three shows are to be determined, but the next incarnation of the show is already in the works, with Steven Moffat (who worked on the Davies version) as showrunner and thesp Matt Smith as the Doctor.

BBC America has shown Doctor Who for several years, since picking up its spinoff Torchwood — but a pre-existing deal gave Sci Fi first airing rights in the U.S. to the flagship series. Torchwood will premiere its third season of episodes — a sort of “mini-season” called “Children of Earth,” on BBC America in July.

It’s not clear where the new deal leaves Who’s other spinoff, The Sarah Jane Adventures, but BBC Worldwide America’s current president has said he wishes the quintessentially British Doctor Who had always been on his network and would have been if he had been in charge at the time.

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