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Doctor Who Blu-ray collection summons Trial of a Time Lord

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Colin Baker’s second and final season starring in Doctor Who will be the next deluxe Blu-ray release for the classic series.

We haven’t heard a U.S. release date yet, but the UK will get it Sept. 23 — some 33 years after the episodes first aired.

Season 23 — comprising “The Mysterious Planet,” “Mindwarp,” “Terror of the Vervoids” and “The Ultimate Foe,” also collectively known as “The Trial of a Time Lord” — will get many special features, including extended edits of all 14 episodes, surround sound, isolated scores, interviews with writers and performers, unseen studio footage, HD photo galleries, archive material and cast members trying recipes from the 1980s “Doctor Who Cookbook.”

The 1986 season saw the departure of companion Peri (Nicola Bryant) and the introduction of Mel (Bonnie Langford, who would continue into Season 24 while Baker would leave and turn the role of the Doctor over to Sylvester McCoy).

Doctor Who Season 23 Blu-ray The Trial of a Time Lord

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