‘Day of the Moon’ looms for ‘Doctor Who’

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Matt Smith in Doctor Who (BBC)A few thoughts on “The Impossible Astronaut,” Saturday’s season premiere of Doctor Who on BBC America:

  • They’re doing something a bit new between the pre-credits scene and the title sequence — a monologue by Karen Gillan as companion Amy Pond, describing for us dim-witted Americans what the show is about. We can do without this, thanks — though it’s well enough done for what it is and blends decently into the famous title sequence.
  • The episode was a ratings triumph for BBC America, and this means going forward you can expect a similar near-synchronicity in broadcast with the show’s native UK (no more months, weeks or even days of waiting for new episodes to cross the Atlantic, finally).
  • The episode was dedicated to Elisabeth Sladen, who played longtime Doctor Who girl and spinoff sensation Sarah Jane Smith. She died last week at the age of 63. It was just a tacked-on “in memory” slide at the end of the episode — and it seemed far too little for me.

Next up: “Day of the Moon”:

Terrifying aliens have invaded Earth! The Doctor must escape the perfect prison and along with Amy, Rory and River, lead a revolution against them.

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