Davies: ‘Doctor Who’ specials will have an arc

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David Tennant as the Doctor in Doctor Who

Airlock Alpha (formerly SyFy Portal) today reposted an interview SFX Magazine did with Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies about the upcoming transition from David Tennant as the star under his reign as producer to Matt Smith as the star under upcoming producer Steven Moffatt:

Four episodes, that’s all the time that’s left with David Tennant as the 10th incarnation of BBC’s legendary Time Lord before he will regenerate into a newer, younger model in the form of Matt Smith.

However, the final four episodes of Tennant’s reign will see The Doctor go head-to-head with all manners of creatures, villains and creepy crawlies.

Despite rumors, the adventure will span four episodes and, although won’t exactly be a four-part story, will include an arc that will be the beginning of the end for the 10th Doctor.

Read more at Airlock Alpha.

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